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About Us: Flip Book Hfluana

Hfluana is an online interactive digital publishing flip book platform that publishes and convert e-Publication PDF files to flipbook and host them for the perusal of the reading public. Flipbooks hosted on our platform can be downloaded, printed, and shared on social media networks. You can zoom in and zoom out, show thumbnail pages, view as double pages on a desktop, and single on mobile devices and even autoplay. The functionalities of the flipbook on our platform follow the dictate of your conveniences.

Additionally, you can view it in a simple format or in a library version. The choice is yours. You can publish the flipbook of Annual Report, Monthly or Quarterly Journals, Magazines, and PhotoBook of events and related social-related activities. Additionally, our clientele flipbooks’ keywords have been optimized to show on search engine result pages (SERP) initiated by search queries of the search engines.

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